Peroratio. Efter sammanfattningen är det dags för en avslutning. Här kan det vara bra att engagera åhörarnas känslor. Man kan till exempel bli personlig och 


av CO Jers · Citerat av 12 — Making music mean: on functions of and know- ledge about narrative music in multimedia. Luleå: Luleå teknisk universi- tet. Vygotskij, Lev Semenovič(2001).

definitions. definitive. definitively. definitiveness. deflatable peroration. peroxidase.

Peroration meaning

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Information and translations of peroration in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Definitions and Meaning of peroration in English peroration noun (rhetoric) the concluding section of an oration Example - he summarized his main points in his peroration; a flowery and highly rhetorical oration; Description peroration: The concluding part of an oration, in which the speaker recapitulates the principal points of his discourse or argument, and urges them with greater earnestness and force, with a view to make a deep impression on his hearers; hence, the conclusion of a speech, however constructed. (3) The peroration was magnificent, though difficult to remember, you know. (4) Sometimes there's a climax, or a point of culmination, and usually the coda or peroration that ends the piece decisively. (5) Then he concludes with this remarkable peroration .

11991. riser 12247. subvention.

perforation [per″fo-ra´shun] a hole or break in the containing walls or membranes of an organ or structure of the body. Perforation occurs when erosion, infection, or other factors create a weak spot in the organ and internal pressure causes a rupture. It also may result from a deep penetrating wound caused by trauma. Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and

noun. The concluding part of a speech, typically intended to inspire enthusiasm in the audience. ‘he again invoked the theme in an emotional peroration’.

Peroration meaning

Find peroration translation meaning in Frisian with definition from english Frisian dictionary. Find what's the translation meaning for word peroration in frisian?

Peroration meaning in Urdu is خاتمہ تقریر and Peroration word meaning in … Meaning and definitions of peroration, translation in Bangla language for peroration with similar and opposite words.

Peroration meaning

12249. defined 22595. risque.
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subvention. 12248. dog.
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peroration ( n.) a flowery and highly rhetorical oration; peroration ( n.) (rhetoric) the concluding section of an oration; he summarized his main points in his peroration. From

More example sentences. ‘He concludes a short peroration on someone's misdemeanor (never mind who; the cause of wrongdoing is universal).’.

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peroration ( n.) a flowery and highly rhetorical oration; peroration ( n.) (rhetoric) the concluding section of an oration; he summarized his main points in his peroration. From

Han påpekar också att Gud hatar smuts  I mean, would the one man like to know, even if the million never knew? have reached its beautiful peroration about the time when Tallboys was being shot at,  Anadiplos: definition och exempel. 19 Feb, 2020.